AI-powered decarbonization platform
Purpose-built for small-sized commercial real estate

Democratizing access to the neglected long tail

90% of global commercial buildings are small in size and do not have access to necessary data and tools to decarbonize their building operations.

Our solution is purpose built for

Food Retail
Grocery Chains
Gas Stations
Fashion Retail
and more...

Improve your financial performance by

No upfront costs

Let AI monitor and analyze data for the most effective improvements.

Reduce costs

Improve the bottom line by reducing energy and operations costs.

Lower emissions

Achieve climate goals and contribute towards solving the climate crisis.

Business continuity and revenue protection.

Minimize equipment downtime and protect revenue losses from breakdowns.

Prioritize Investments

Understand top 20% of the issues which can affect 80% of the savings.


Connected Buildings

~40 GWh

Annual asset under management


Cost savings


Energy-efficient retrofit projects

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